In a new poll by CBS News and yougov, more Americans want an investigation into whether or not Donald Trump is fit for the office of President. That investigation is better known as an impeachment inquiry. 

The poll found that 55 percent of Americans support the investigation while 45 do not.

From Mother Jones

The poll, which was published on Sunday morning, found that 55 percent of the survey participants supported an impeachment inquiry. Of those, 35 percent said they strongly support it and 20 percent said they somewhat approve. Forty-five percent disapproved of an inquiry; 31 percent of which said they strongly disapprove and 14 percent said they somewhat disapprove.

The results are largely split along party affiliation. The survey found that 87 percent of Democratic respondents approve of starting an impeachment inquiry, while 77 percent of Republican respondents disapprove.

The number of Republicans actually supporting an impeachment inquiry is particularly intriguing. Doing the math, it appears that up to 23 percent of GOPers support the inquiry or are at least open enough to it not to object. 

Does this suggest that the President is becoming weaker in his standing with the American people as the evidence that he may have essentially sold out American foreign policy for his own political gain. 

In August, Trump was caught in what appears to be a strong-arming of the newly elected Ukrainian President when he seemingly wanted to hold up their aid until they agreed to dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. 

In just the past week, the number of congressional members that supported impeachment, or at least the investigation, jumped from just over to 100 to 225, including one independent. 

Congress is now preparing to do investigations and hold hearings in six different committees that were investigating Trump over many of his past alleged misdeeds. 

Trump, by contrast, has doubled down on his threats to imprison former political rival Hillary Clinton via his State Department, who just announced “intensifying” a probe into her political aides. 

Interestingly, Trump is accusing the Democratic Party of “trying to redo the 2016 election. But their inquiry seems more geared towards 2020 election security and integrity while Trump himself seems to be the only one demand everyone look backwards.