Rudy Giuliani continued his bizarre tour of every media outlet that will let him rant on Sunday. According to a report from NBC News, Giuliani’s latest claim may be one of his strangest yet. 

Yes, you read that correctly, Rudy is claiming that if Trump hadn’t asked Ukraine to investigate Biden and son, it would be in violation of the Constitution. 

What Giuliani is referring to is a line selectively cherry-picked by Giuliani that says the president “shall” take care that the laws be faithfully executed.

This would be the 1st “shall” (a word that is pretty much universally interpreted as meaning “must” as opposed to “may,” “can,” or “if he feels like it”) that the POTUS has seemed to take seriously.  

Someone may want to remind Giuliani that Trump has been found in violation of the law by several bodies. Putting the Russia investigation aside, Trump conceded and settled his “Trump University” case and agreed to a payout. He also was found to be on the wrong sides of the courts throughout the “Muslim Ban” saga until after several attempts they watered down much of the language to get it to squeak through the courts. 

He has been ordered to testify in a case involving potentially illegal behavior at his rallies. 

Just this month, a case involving “emoluments” (which means he is personally profiting off the office which is also against the law) was reinstated and is going forward. 

Then there is this latest scandal involving Trump allegedly trading our national security for his personal political gains. 

Now would be a good time to remind the administration that it also says that the Director of National Intelligence “shall” hand over the whistleblower complaint to Congress, something they tried to avoid and skate around. 

Rudy Giuliani himself is under increasing scrutiny since the Ukrainian scandal has erupted. Perhaps he might want to consider being quiet for a while. 

Rudy Giuliani talks to reporters on the White House South Lawn in 2018