Today, in the middle of all the impeachment talk, Nancy Pelosi, along with Adam Schiff, had a press conference. Despite President Trump insisting that the Democrats can’t do anything but attack him, the House Speaker showed that his claims are just false.

Pelosi, during a big part of the Q & A part of the briefing, insisted that reporters ask only questions about upcoming legislation that they are currently considering. That legislation included two key bills. One on the new updated “NAFTA 2.0” trade bill, known as the USMCA. The other was concerning lowering prescription drug prices for Americans (HR3).

Both are items that Trump has loudly been calling for.

The USMCA, is Trump’s negotiated deal. Many describe it as a 21st century update to NAFTA. It would be a tough thing for Trump to neglect to sign his own deal.

The other is one that Trump has announced in rallies that it is a top priority. Americans by and large also see it as an urgent need as many Americans cannot afford their medications under the current system. A system that is largely unregulated and allows companies to essentially charge whatever they wish.

By choosing these issues, Pelosi showed what a master negotiator she is. She chose two items that Trump and McConnell simply cannot ignore or refuse to address.

At one point, when reporters tried to slip in impeachment questions, Pelosi brought her seriousness about the legislation back into focus.

Anyone on HR3? Does anyone care about the cost of prescription drugs and what it means to America’s working families? … Does anyone care about the USMCA?

Reporters did get to ask some impeachment questions, and Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff outlined some of the future plans and sense of urgency that the impeachment inquiry entails. But all that will be played out in the committees and courts. In the meantime, Pelosi set down a brilliant political marker to show who is interested in helping the American people in their lives and who is just in it for themselves.

Trump will now be forced to either work with Democrats on these issues, or show that his ego literally “trumps” everything else.

Whatever anyone thinks of Pelosi’s policy positions or personality, it is undeniable this was a stroke of political genius.

Check out the full press conference below:


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