A North Carolina State University (NCSU) professor was suspended and the university is conducting an investigation after students reported the man as saying “women are useless” during a recent lecture, according to authorities familiar with the case.

Lauren Leslie Barker, an NCSU spokeswoman, said in an email to a local North Carolina station that, “The faculty member has been immediately suspended from teaching while this incident is being further investigated. At NC State we take pride in our campus culture which values and strives to live our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity.”

The professor has been identified as Dr. E. David Davis, a physics professor at the university.

Maira Haque, a junior at NC State tweeted — “For ppl asking, he called on 2 female students and was really rude and condescending to them. He word for word said ‘the women in this class are useless let me call on a man’ and after I called him out he said it was a ‘joke’ bc women are important for our species to reproduce.”

Haque described herself as “outraged” for the mean and condescending tone she said Davis used. This, even before the “women are useless” line.

Before that line, Hague says Davis called on a female student about an assignment, and when she did not give an answer to his satisfaction, he said — “You’re 20 years old and you forgot to bring this assignment in. Were you {dropped on) the head as a child? Do you have memory problems?”

When he called on another student, she cut him off before Davis could berate her as well, claiming she “had memory problems” as well.

That was when Davis announced —  “I guess the women in this class are useless. I guess I should call on a man.”

At that point, Haque claims she confronted the professor and asked him why he was speaking in such a way. Davis responded by saying it was “a joke.” He then went on to pretty much cancel out any belief that it was indeed a joke when he said “Women are obviously useful because we need them for a species to reproduce.”

Hopefully justice will be served for all involved in this alleged case of sexism.

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