The pressure of the impeachment walls may be seriously affecting the POTUS’s behavior as today’s edition of Chopper Talk plainly and starkly revealed.

He came out talking about unemployment. Then he brought up Poland. But no one wanted to hear about that — except maybe the guy who helped Trump out by bringing up Adam Schiff’s “four Pinocchios” from the Washington Post for not being forthright about early contact with the “whistleblower” at the center of the Trump impeachment inquiry.

Of course, Schiff may have screwed up once, twice, or maybe a few minor flubs. Trump, on the other hand, has been found to have lied over 12,000 times by the very same Washington Post.

From there, this edition of Trump’s Chopper-side chats featured Trump flailing from accusation after accusation towards every perceived political enemy. He didn’t leave anyone out. AOC, Nancy Pelosi, Obama, Joe Biden, Adam Schiff, Robert Mueller, Elizabeth Warren, the media, and anyone else who doesn’t shamelessly defend him.

Most of what he said were lies, as we show with fact checking links below.

Trump tried to accuse all his opponents of being “political” while contending his holding up promised monies for Ukraine in exchange for dirt on Joe Biden to be just about “corruption” and that he doesn’t care about politics.

Trump claimed his polls are “through the roof” despite a majority of Americans now supporting the impeachment investigation against him.

He tried to both distance himself from his personally appointed Ambassador to Ukraine and at the same time use the Ambassador’s words as vindication for his actions. At one point he said that he didn’t know the Ambassador but that the one text that Trump saw vindicated him. The text exchange between the Ambassador and a State Department diplomat is at the center of the impeachment investigation.

Worth noting is that the Ambassador in question, Gordon Sondlond, donated a cool million dollars to Trump’s inauguration campaign fund before getting this job.

Back to Chopper Talk …

Trump ranted more about the trade deal with China (where he insisted asking for an investigation into Biden wasn’t “political” because he doesn’t think Biden will win being the latest reason) and ignored the fact that his merely asking for the investigation publicly worsened his negotiating position inherently according to some experts.

He inferred Nancy Pelosi was afraid of AOC, and therefore taking his orders from her.

He repeated debunked claims about being investigated by the Obama administration.

He repeatedly insisted the Mueller probe was a “witch hunt” despite it leading to dozens of indictments and many convictions of people associated with the President during the campaign and his time in office.

His tone throughout was manic and aggressive. At times, he waved his arms about as he tried to convince the world that everyone else in the world is bad, and he’s the only good one.

He falsely labeled Elizabeth Warren a socialist when she is on record as being a capitalist.

Then abruptly, he announced he was going to get on the chopper and head over to Walter Reed Hospital to give out some Purple Hearts.

And with that, this edition of Chopper Talk is over.

Check out the full video below:


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