This week saw Mike Pence brought into the impeachment investigation as reports say he was one of the people involved in the “pay for play” scheme with Ukraine. So, it is fitting that the folks at Saturday Night Live (SNL) would give it their treatment in their cold open this week.

Matthew Broderick took on the role of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a cameo appearance.

He began by informing cast regular Beck Bennett, portraying Mike Pence, that “this impeachment thing might be really bad.” When Pence asks who told him this, Pompeo responds “all of America.”

The cronies then decide they need to get their stories straight, but Pence is convinced that even if they aren’t straight now, they can always be converted to be straight (like a gay person).

Of course, Broderick slipped in a Ferris Bueller reference informing Pence that “impeachment moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around you might miss it.”

After Pompeo departs the room (and possibly the country) Stephen Miller shows up (played by a snake) and then Rudy Giuliani (played by Kate McKinnon) returns from an appearance on Fox News (still in his ‘stage make-up”) declaring that he “killed” on Hannity and vowed to “kill again.”

There’s a bunch more in the laugh department. Check out the full clip featuring Matthew Broderick below:

On a more serious note, The Atlantic had this to say about Pence’s real life involvement:

The political scientists can explain the structural reasons why the Republican Party has submitted to Trump, but structures are inhabited by people who make moral choices. The country needed Pence to keep himself clean, as Ford did, and instead—whether out of raw ambition or some weak personal impulse to subservience—Pence plunged into the deepest ooze of the mud. Maybe he struggled to keep his distance, maybe he obeyed only reluctantly, or maybe he eagerly volunteered to ingratiate himself with his crooked boss. That part of the story will all come out.

For now, all we need to say is that Pence betrayed his most important duty as vice president: Be ready to step into the nation’s highest office should the need arise. He’s as much a part of the problem as Trump is, and Pence’s personal choices ensure that the scandal of the century will continue to rip apart U.S. politics even if the impeachment process somehow succeeds.


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