The time was 1:30 in the morning, local time — the place was Kansas City.

Police say they are searching for two suspects that may be responsible for a mass shooting in a local Kansas City bar that left four people dead and five more injured. Police do not believe the shooting was racially motivated and may have resulted from an altercation earlier that night.

Handguns seem to be what was the weapons of choice in this particular shooting.

According to CNN:

Officers were called to the Tequila KC bar in Kansas City, Kansas at 1:27 a.m. (2:27 a.m. ET) and four shooting victims were found dead inside the bar, police spokesman Thomas Tomasic said.

The four, all Hispanic males, were identified as a man in his late 50s, another in his mid-30s and two in their mid-20s, Tomasic said.

Another five people who had been shot were taken to area hospitals and were stable Sunday morning. At least two people have been released from the hospital, police said.

The shooting took place at the Tequila KC Bar, a private club. That means that someone would need to be a member to enter the club.

Also from CNN:

Shay Celedon, a bar patron who left two hours before the shooting, said she saw the man enter the bar in an agitated state. She said she saw him get into an argument with the bartender, at which point he was escorted out. She also saw him get into an argument with another individual before he left, she said.

Toni Maciel, another witness, similarly said one suspect was kicked out of the bar and then returned with a second person, resulting in a confrontation. She said her cousins were injured and her friends were killed in the shooting. Her cousins, who were injured, are in stable condition at the hospital.

This is a developing story and updates will be provided as new information comes to light.
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