If it wasn’t obvious that Rudy Giuliani was running a smoke and mirrors distraction operation before, it sure is now. Giuliani appeared on Fox’s Media Buzz with host Howard Kurtz, and appeared to be trying to fool the world to save his client, Donald Trump.

But he got caught red handed.

During the interview, Giuliani insisted his “theories” about Joe Biden were indeed accurate and were backed up by “three affidavits” that he madly waved in front of the camera. In doing that, the former NY Mayor and Trump’s personal attorney royally screwed his case up.

Unfortunately for Giuliani, the website address where he got the “affidavits” was plainly visible.

And if one goes to that site, they can easily see that what Rudy was trying to shove in everyone’s face weren’t affidavits at all. The printouts were literally from a conspiracy theory website owned by — get this — “some guy from Jersey.”

Now, in all honesty, no one can say for sure if the pages behind the one visible are affidavits, but from what we can see, Giuliani is swimming in the conspiracy theory pool to try to smear Biden and his family. His waving around the “Hopelessly Partisan” blog page exposed that for the world to see.

Check out the full interview with Kurtz below:

The folks over at Morning Joe had some fun with Giuliani’s antics:

Joe Scarborough noted, however, that there’s a slight complication. The top document of Giuliani’s “affidavits” appeared to be just a printout of a blog post from a right-wing pro-Trump conspiracy website. He then cited a tweet by former Mediaite writer Justin Baragona as the source of his derision.

“Oh my god,” Mika Brzezinski sighed as Scarborough laughed. “Very hard to watch.”

You can check out that video below:

It remains to be seen whether Rudy is playing with a full deck or if his actions are just devious and deceptive on purpose.


Featured image via screen capture from youtube.com