The past week has seen Donald Trump and his most loyal allies scrambling to explain away the events that have him facing an impeachment investigation. They started with denials, then the “so what” defense. Then it was a series of mixed messages that eventually ended up making former Texas governor and Trump cabinet secretary Rick Perry the one holding the bag.

None of these arguments have done much to sway public opinion. In fact, a new poll released today has nearly 60 percent of Americans supporting the impeachment inquiry and 49 percent (about half) saying just impeach and remove him now. Only about 38 percent of Americans, around the same number that Trump averages in approval ratings, oppose the inquiry altogether.

So, with nowhere to turn seemingly, Trump returned to his classic hits — attacking Hillary Clinton.

Yes, that’s right … he’s attacking Hillary Clinton in a fit of word soup where he tries to bring up those emails again — possibly just to distract from the growing emails and texts his administration is being forced to suppress or hide as the Ukraine scandal gains more steam with each passing day.

After attempting to read through Trump’s tweet a few times, it is confusing on whether the purpose of this tweet is to shame Hillary Clinton, distract from his own email/text laden scandal, or he’s really afraid of Elizabeth Warren, who’s grassroots fundraising and steady climb in the polls are having some election watchers calling her the front runner. And unlike Joe Biden, it is doubtful that Warren has any children running a Ukrainian oil company or Chinese venture capital operation.

And unfortunately for Trump, the “Pocahontas” line has fizzled out in having any effectiveness.

One thing Hillary Clinton did do was show up and testify for 11 hours in front of a Senate committee without “taking the 5th” once in the grueling session.

Perhaps her successor, Trump’s Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, should learn from that example instead of hiding behind flimsy and non-existent “legal” arguments to avoid testifying before Congress.