Ever since most folks were kids in America, Halloween season has always brought lots of fun and lots of candy. Of course, when we went trick or treating as children, we were warned of possible dangers. Among those were tales of black hearted home owners distributing poisonous candy. Most, if not all of those stories have been discovered to be more urban legend than fact.

For example, there was one case in Detroit many years ago that claimed a small boy got candy while trick or treating that was laced with heroin. And indeed, at the beginning of the investigation, police did find candy with heroin “sprinkled” on it. What most people didn’t hear about, months later, when the investigation concluded — was that the boy had gotten into an uncle’s heroin stash and died of an overdose. The sprinkled candy was merely a ruse cooked up by the family to protect the uncle.

This year brings a whole new scare — THC laced candy.

I will go out on a limb in advance and say this is an absolute hoax.

Why am I so confident, you ask?

Because THC candy is expensive — like really expensive. Where as a bag of treats might run 2-5 dollars at a supermarket, a single bar of THC laden chocolate, sold in medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries can run up to 50 dollars a pop.

Now imagine getting 50, 100, or more trick or treaters knocking on a home’s door, and do the math.

Who thinks someone is going to spend literally 1000’s of dollars just to get some kids high and probably get arrested once all those kids identify your house as the distributor of the pot candy?

Then there’s the fact that most outlets of such places limit daily purchases. So again, no one is going to go through the pain in the ass prospect of going many many days just to stock up on enough bars for the neighborhood.

Of course, one could manufacture the candy themselves, saving some money and time. The costs would still be well and above most everyone’s Halloween candy budget.

Still, that isn’t stopping some places from issuing the warnings, like this one below …

JOHNSTOWN, Pennsylvania – The Johnstown Police Department is warning parents about the possibility of candy laced with THC this Halloween.

The police department there says they recently uncovered Nerds Rope edibles containing 400 mg of THC while serving a search warrant.

Police think trick-or-treaters might be targeted.

They are warning parents because they say many packages look like regular candy.

That is an incredible leap of logic. They bust someone with a bunch of candy, and think the purpose is for Halloween. The specific candy identified, runs 20-50 dollars a package with the ‘400 mg’ of THC version being at the top of that scale. Oh, and by the way, this isn’t the normal “Nerds” candy that is sold in stores.

No one is giving that away — especially just to get in trouble. To make it more obvious, the packages clearly state that they contain THC and are not the same packages as what most people know as “Nerds” candies. Keep in mind how many parents escort their children when out on that night and many more will inspect the candy when they get home. There is simply no way anyone could get away with this.

But apparently Americans like to be scared during holidays, especially Halloween. This hoax will most likely ensure those folks are not disappointed.


Featured image via WTHR