Much like his father, Donald Trump Jr. absolutely loves taking cheap shots at people on Twitter. 

But a posting Don Jr. made about Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) came back to take a nasty bite out of him when the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate laid a nasty burn on Junior.

HuffPost reports that the dust-up began when Don Jr. decided he’d attack Harris:

“President Donald Trump’s oldest son tried to blast the Democratic presidential candidate on weak humor, wondering in a tweet (with typo) why the senator is the only one who laughs at her jokes. He called her the “most disingenuous person in politics … after Hillary.”

Here’s the tweet:

But Junior clearly wasn’t expecting the response he got from Harris, who reminded him that when it comes to “jokes,” he doesn’t need to look any further than his own family tree:

Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark.

That led other Twitter users to join the fray and remind Junior that he should trying thinking before he hits “send”:

Junior desperately tried to regain his footing with this pathetic retort:

Maybe Don Jr. needs to ponder this: A Fox News poll this week showed that 51 percent of voters want his father impeached and removed from office.

Poor Junior! He desperately wants to impress his daddy, but he’s a failure, just like his old man.

Featured Image Via Twitter