As the Ukraine scandal educates more and more Americans daily just how willing President Trump is to committing corrupt acts, Trump has been melting down in rallies more and more. With that, comes Trump inadvertently admitting to things that he probably shouldn’t. Things like revealing that Fox News definitively has no interest in being Fair and Balanced as their slogan says.

At the last one, Friday night in Louisiana, Trump went off-script for the second time in two nights to give praise to the network that has most of his defenders — Fox.

He began with Gregg Jarrett who shamelessly defends Trump (with very little actual evidence or facts) in his new book Witch Hunt, then he moved on to Dan Bongino, saying, “He’s not a lawyer, but he’s better than the lawyers. He’s called ‘street smart.’”

He said John Solomon should get the Pulitzer Prize before dissing on the Pulitzer prize and asking how writers at places like The New York Times win them.

Trump went off on how “people that were wrong” get Pulitzers before mentioning “people that were right, like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson, Judge Jeanine, and [Jesse] Watters.”

“And frankly, the best show by far in the morning is Fox & Friends,” he added before stopping to soak in the praise his adoring and unquestioning crowd gave him.

Trump also fawned over Lou Dobbs, Stu Varney, and Maria Bartiromo and then said:

“Why aren’t these people getting the real Pulitzer Prize? Because they were right. They called it right. The Times, The Washington Post, they’re dishonest, horrible. I think very bad for our country… Their writers get Pulitzer Prizes for getting it wrong and the great writers that really got it — and I don’t know them, I’ve never even met some of these people. But the ones that really got it right go home empty-handed.”

He then declared “Thank God we have them on our side.”

Check out the fair and balanced clip below:

That amounts to “taking a side” and that side is decidedly Trump’s side. That doesn’t come as a shock to many Americans who has seen Fox primarily be a shill for George Bush during his tenure, attack Barack Obama during his — including Trump’s phony “birtherism” scandal where he fraudulently charged Obama as being born in another country. During his 2016 campaign, Trump sheepishly admitted that Obama was indeed born in the United States.

But Fox has gone over the deep end for Trump even stronger than they did for Bush. They have given voice and promoted conspiracy theories for Trump and his allies like no other network who says they are doing “news” ever has.

Trump referred to the rest of the media as “scammers and con-artists.” That’s right — it is everyone else.

Kind of reminds one of that kid who always said the teacher hated them when they got a bad grade.


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