The police officer that fatally shot a black woman who was in her own home while she was babysitting her nephew has resigned from the Fort Worth Police Department. The police chief says that had the officer not resigned, they would have been terminated.

From NBC News:

Interim Police Chief Ed Kraus announced at a news conference that he intended to end Officer Aaron Dean’s employment, but that Dean tendered his resignation first. Dean, who joined the department in April 2018, still faces criminal charges as well as possible civil rights violations, Kraus said.

Dean was initially placed on administrative leave following the killing of victim Atatiana Jefferson, 28. He has not been cooperating with investigators in the case, Kraus said.

The family is demanding an investigation of the incident.

“This man murdered someone. He should be arrested,” Darius Carr, Jefferson’s brother, told reporters.

Kraus took the case to the Texas Rangers, who he said were not inclined to take it up at this point, and to the FBI, which did not immediately say whether it would review it or not.

This killing is one of a string of black people being shot and harassed by police when doing nothing but minding their own business, many times on their own property or in an obviously non-threatening situation, according to many.

In another incident (actually a pair of incidents) this week in Philadelphia, black people were arrested not once, but twice right in front of their home for “loitering.” To justify the arrests, police have given various accounts including that they “cursed” at them. Another police account claims one kicked a police car window. So far, no evidence has been produced to this publication’s knowledge that backs those claims.

Check out a report of those incidents below and decide for yourself: