Fox News loves to go into those old time diners and interview the early morning customers, who are usually skewed older and whiter — at least the ones they go to. This post-debate early morning attempt to make Democrats look bad didn’t go nearly as well as planned. In fact, it was an epic failure.

Of course, the Fox reporter, right-winger Pete Hegseth thought he had a great ploy that would have an old white guy screaming “socialism!” Of course, this older guy would probably like Joe Biden or one of the other moderates in the race. Unfortunately for Hegseth and Fox, the interviewee had some words of wisdom for the young Republican.

The older diner immediately expressed what he thought of the wealth tax that had been proposed by Senator Elizabeth Warren. Yes, he was all for it and he proceeded to school Hegseth and Fox viewers as to why:

He explained that we need to fairly tax billionaires and uber-wealthy and that Warren’s wealth tax was just the right thing. He added that taking two mere cents of every dollar AFTER their 1st 50 million could fund many things — schools, infrastructure, and more. He added that such money is nothing to them, yet could help so many.

Hegseth tried to counter with talk of such high rates being so scary to the rich that they would just “take their money somewhere else” — a common argument from the conservatives. The wise old man had just the answer:

It seems to me, if I remember correctly that back in the 60’s and 70’s that if you were a millionaire, your taxes were awfully high … nobody bitched about it then, and we created plenty of billionaires.

He also explained how it was deplorable that three percent of the people own half the wealth in the country.

At that point, Hegseth bailed from the interview in search of more friendly answers that might somehow show that people aren’t actually listening to many of these progressive proposals — which they are — even an old white guy.

Check out the interview below:


Even Warren’s competitors were relatively supportive of her proposal. While none would outright endorse the idea, several did call it a good idea that was worth consideration, or part of a larger plan.


Featured image via screenshot from Twitter