On Thursday, some Trump supporters rallied outside Congress for what they dubbed the “March for Trump,” which was billed as a way for the pro-Trump faithful to demonstrate their opposition to the House impeachment inquiry which is now underway.

According to reports, a couple of hundred Trump acolytes were present for the rally, but their numbers were much lower than had been anticipated because a group of their fellow Trumpkins got stranded by a bus company.

The Daily Beast reports:

“As would-be rally attendees gathered across the East Coast for the US Coachways buses that the organizer had promised would take them to Washington, those buses never showed.

“The no-shows provoked a wave of anger, accusations that the ‘deep state’ had colluded to stop a show of Trump support in Washington, and negative reviews aimed at US Coachways.

“But US Coachways has a simpler explanation for what happened—it was never paid for the requested buses due to a series of declined credit card payments.”

Apparently, the stranded patrons wanted something for nothing, which they normally claim is socialism. When that same standard was applied to them, it suddenly became a big plot to silence their voices.

Women for America First, which organized the rally, issued a statement that might just as well been written in bitter tears:

“Last night, less than two hours before our first chartered buses were supposed to leave for DC, we were informed that the bus company was cancelling all of our buses—including ones that were fully paid for. This move left hundreds of grassroots activists stranded and unable to attend the Anti-Impeachment rally today in front of the Capitol. We are incredibly disappointed at US Coachways, their actions prevented hundreds of Americans from exercising their first amendment rights and to have their voices heard.”

And then the conspiracy theories began to circulate on Twitter:

Diabolical? Since when is trying to stay in business by charging customers a bad thing?  

The pro-Trumpers need to learn a valuable lesson from this incident: Freedom isn’t free and neither are buses!

Featured Image Via Gage Skidmore for Flickr