Things are not going well for President Donald Trump. There’s an impeachment inquiry which is uncovering more evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors on a daily basis, his capitulation to Turkey on the matter of Syria has enraged congressional Republicans, his poll numbers are dropping, and everywhere he looks he sees chaos that he has created.

As he so often does in such situations, Trump turned to Twitter and tried to create a hashtag that would start trending on social media:

Yep. Now he’s trying to brand the impeachment investigation as a “coup,” which the height of absurdity because:

  • Impeachment is called for in the U.S. Constitution
  • His own actions with Ukraine are the reason for the inquiry

Clearly, Trump has no idea what the word “coup” even means. According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, a coup is defined as:

“A sudden illegal, often violent, taking of government power, especially by part of an army.”

No one is taking over the U.S. government by force, no troops are being used, and something specified in the Constitution cannot possibly be illegal.

Instead of sympathy, Trump was hit with well-deserved scorn and plenty of hashtags that he probably didn’t care for. Take a look:


Featured Image Via SkyNews