Even though Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) passed away less than a week ago, right-wing Christian talk radio has been lighting up with what can best be called outright celebrations of the congressman’s death.

Alternet reports that Christian fundamentalist Stacey Shiflett was a guest recently on conspiracy theorist Chris McDonald’s program “The MC Files” and said that God was responsible for killing Cummings:

“(Shiflett) insisted that Trump was sent by God himself to govern the U.S. and that Cummings helped lead a ‘cooked, deceptive, demonic attempt’ to remove Trump from office … ‘Everything that he’s done has been nothing but trying to take this president out. I believe that God had had enough, and God moved.'”

So apparently God is now in the hit man business. He just avoids hiring anyone to do the job and takes care of it himself.

Another pretend Christian, Dave Daubenmire, called Cummings an “enemy of the cross” before adding:

 “Maybe he didn’t know Jesus. I haven’t been sitting around praying that Elijah Cummings would die. But now that he did, I’m glad he’s gone …. I bet he’s not pro-choice now. I bet he’s not pro-homo now.”

And then there’s Jesse Lee Peterson, an African-American pastor who has dubbed President Donald Trump “the Great White Hope.” According to Peterson, God has been systematically eliminating anyone who opposes Trump:

“If you notice, John McCain, he dead. Charles Krauthammer, he dead. And Elijah Cummings, now he dead. They all didn’t like The Great White Hope; they went against him, they talked about him. Now, they all dead. That’s amazing.

“Don’t mess with The Great White Hope. You see what happens. Don’t mess with God’s children.”

God’s children? Has God lowered his standards? Why would any deity lower him of herself to protect the interests of the most immoral man to ever reside in the White House? 

These pretend Christians who are celebrating the death of a truly good and moral man are some of the biggest hypocrites on the planet. Their vile and disgusting comments are only surpassed by Trump himself.

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