Donald Trump held another of his “press conferences” for the media today. The scene today was a Cabinet meeting that was scheduled.

He manged to attack just about everyone except Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein — whom Hillary Clinton called Russian assets in a recent interview. Interesting how Trump defended the two people that Russia has been known to prop up.

Stein was the beneficiary of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election.

Gabbard has been celebrated by Russian propagandists in this election cycle.

Both deny doing any work with Russia or being an asset of theirs.

That was about the extent of Trump’s praise for anyone in the political arena. Everyone else got attacked, insulted, and/or lied about.

Trump lied about the Kurds saying we only helped them, and they didn’t help us. Then Trump went on to brazenly say that we never said we never promised to defend them– trying to justify his desertion of them when Trump bowed down to Turkey.

Trump talked about “bringing troops home.” This, despite thousands of additional troops ordered to the Middle East since Trump’s decision to abandon the Kurds. The POTUS tried to “prove” he was indeed bringing Troops home (the Troops in Syria have been relocated in the Middle East, not brought home) by the great reaction he got at a recent rally when he said he was.

Trump repeated his claims about not putting any pressure on Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and another conspiracy theory about the hacked DNC server. He now is calling what is known as a “summary” as a “word for word” transcription. Trump then went on to try to tie together random rumors to justify his Ukrainian call where a growing majority of Americans want to see an impeachment inquiry with more and more wanting a conviction and removal from office over the matter.

Back home, Trump thought the Republicans “haven’t been tough enough” in fighting the impeachment investigation against them. Perhaps that is because of the rising polls for impeachment.

Trump accused that Adam Schiff himself might be the whistleblower. There is no evidence to back that up. Trump also dismissed all the career diplomats that are lining up to testify against him.

Trump also tried to compare himself to George Washington in justifying trying to get the G-7 conference held at his own Doral resort in Florida. Trump withdrew that proposal after severe backlash from just about everyone, including Republicans. But it is interesting to note Trump actually blaming Democrats for doing something that was actually ethical in his withdrawal.

Trump then tried to boast that he gets better attendance than rock stars and sports teams. Trump neglected to mention his rallies are free, where as a concert ticket or sports event ticket can run hundreds of dollars.

Check out one of the feeds of the Cabinet Press Conference below:


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