The ways Donald Trump has to try to outdo Barack Obama gets more bizarre every week. Yesterday, US Special Forces conducted a raid where ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ended his own life after being cornered in a dead-end tunnel.

All that is great news for those who oppose terrorism here and abroad, but of course, Trump had to go and ruin it all.

Trump couldn’t give a congratulatory message to the people involved and just leave it there. He had to “go political” with it all.

He tried to insult our intelligence personnel with a back-handed “compliment.” Trump said here, the intelligence people were great. Other times, they were wasting their time … it isn’t a stretch to know that he was referring to the Russia investigation that has shown him to obstruct justice on at least 10 occasions.

He disparaged Congress, inferring that Nancy Pelosi would “leak” information if he had let Congressional leaders know what was going on, as is routinely done when operations like this happen. No Democrat or anyone in Congress has ever been found to do such a thing when top-secret raids or missions were happening.

At the top of his list was thanking Russia … go figure …

President Trump’s full remarks can be found in the video below:

Then, to top it all off, Trump and/or his people decided they needed to have a “war room” photo showing them directing the mission when it was happening. As it turns out, that photo was faked. The digital time stamp on the photo showed that it was taken nearly two hours after the raid happened.

When the raid actually was happening, Trump was most likely golfing, as reported by several sources.


For the record, compare that to what a real and real-time “war room” photo looks like. The second photo in the tweet below was taken as the raid to take out Osama Bin Laden was happening during the Obama administration. Also, the person sending the tweets exposing Trump, Pete Souza, might not be a household name to many, but he was the official photographer during Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama’s presidencies. So, it is safe to say that he knows a few things on this subject. Although, it is important to note that Souza (or anyone) cannot prove his claims. But based on this administrations past efforts to obscure the truth (to be generous), what Souza claims wouldn’t be unusual or unprecedented by this administration.

Make no mistake, this was a great military operation. And Trump, just like Obama (to be fair) deserves to take a victory lap after such a successful mission. Unfortunately, Trump still can’t comprehend the fact that this success need not be tainted with politics and his own petty beefs. It isn’t taking a picture that could match or top Obama, it is acting with class and dignity in the aftermath. It is living up to the office he holds instead of dragging the office down to his level.