The owner of an auto shop in Michigan got a lesson in the power of the marketplace after putting up a morbid Halloween display outside his shop that depicted President Donald Trump holding the severed head of former President Barack Obama on the end of a rope.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Dave Huff, the owner of Quality Coatings, thought it would be a good idea to put up the gory display but later learned he’d made a big mistake:

“Huff has since altered the Trump scarecrow that stands outside his business on Carr Street in Fowlerville, about 10 miles west of Howell. Huff hadn’t expected backlash to the decorations because he said he’s not racist and ‘no race ever went into this thing.

“‘It was a Halloween decoration that I guess went too far.'”

The original display showed a Trump scarecrow holding a rope connected to the head of Obama. Huff tried to explain away the rope as being a spine and asserting that he had gotten the idea for the entire thing from the Mortal Kombat game.

Since changing the display, those driving by can now see the Trump scarecrow with a strip of yellow police tape that reads “PC-POLICE.”

Apparently, Huff realized he’d screwed up when the Quality Coatings Facebook page was flooded with negative comments. That page was later taken offline. 

One of those who brought attention to the offensive Halloween display was Kathy DeTroyer, who posted this note on social media:

“I am disgusted this is in my hometown. Way to display your ignorance. Democrat or Republican this is just wrong.”

Facebook user Kelly Kathleen had this to say:

“I’d rather spend my money with businesses that spread tolerance and respect, even towards those who you don’t align with.”

Asked if he supported Trump, Huff said he didn’t vote in the 2016 election:

“I don’t support anyone. I’ve never voted for anyone other than myself.”

Featured Image Via Twitter