Matt Gaetz (R-FL) might be one of Donald Trump’s favorite water carriers. The Florida Congressman seemingly will not let anything get in the way of defending Trump.

Recently, Gaetz was suspected of trying to spy for Trump when he tried to crash and was thrown out of an Intelligence Committee hearing. For the record, Gaetz sat on none of the relevant committees that were allowed to sit in on the depositions and testimony, and that was why he wasn’t allowed in the room. Gaetz’s complaints fell on deaf ears once everyone realized that what he was doing was at best a stunt and at worst spying for the White House.

All Republicans who do sit on the relevant committees have been and are currently welcome to participate in the closed-door hearings and other proceedings.

Today, Gaetz is attempting again to defend the President through false pretenses. He is trotting out the “deep state” conspiracy theory once again.

For those who aren’t familiar, the “deep state” is a buzzword that was market-tested by Cambridge Analytica, the company that got caught mining everyone’s data on Social Media, since 2014. One of the people in charge of that data collection was Steve Bannon, Trump’s friend and former White House adviser. At the time, Bannon sat on their board before joining the Trump campaign.

The “deep state” — which doesn’t exist, has been used by right-wingers and Trump supporters as a conspiracy theory since Trump became President.

Gaetz’s feeble attack didn’t go far before the internet reminded him and everyone else just how ridiculous the tweet was.

One person tried to defend Gaetz by saying that 63 million people (+) agreed with the Congressman’s statement.

Just to quickly fact-check that claim, less than 63 million people voted for Trump (It was about 90,000 votes shy of 63 million). Also, the person neglected to mention that Hillary Clinton received nearly three million more votes than Trump. So, by that logic, more people inherently would disagree with Gaetz than agree with him.

Just about everyone else, let Gaetz know how idiotic his statement was.



Beyond the commentary, this shows just how desperate Trump’s supporters in Congress are becoming as more and more facts come to light.