Over the weekend, Intelligence committee member, Jackie Speier (D-Ca) said that closed-door testimony from the impeachment hearings could be released as early as this week. This seemed to send Donald Trump into spin mode — already trying to declare the transcripts fake and false, even before anyone has seen them.

His reasoning?

Well, of course it is because Adam Schiff once did some parody and paraphrasing of Trump’s now infamous Ukraine call.

In a hearing, Schiff took some liberties with the exact words of Trump’s call. But here’s the thing — he said he was doing so. Schiff didn’t try to deceive anyone as right-wing, pro-Trump media would want one to believe. As fact checkers noted:

Schiff didn’t portray his summary of the call as true. He said at the beginning of his remarks, “Shorn of its rambling character and in not so many words, this is the essence of what the president communicates.” And at the end, he added, “This is in sum and character what the president was trying to communicate with the president of Ukraine.”

Many would agree with that assertion, though Schiff did take some generous liberties in Trump’s intent on the call.

But Adam Schiff has no ability to doctor the testimonial transcripts. He might choose to “parody” or paraphrase some of those, but the transcripts themselves, rest assured, will be accurate — for better or worse. If Schiff did try to do so, surely he would be called out immediately and the investigation would be in tatters.

Keep in mind that the fact is the “exact” words of the call are unknown to pretty much everyone — well, everyone who wasn’t actually on the call. What Trump calls a “transcript’ isn’t a transcript but a summary memorandum. Key witnesses like Colonel Vindman claim that the summary leaves out key words and phrases that are damaging to Trump.

So, essentially, Trump is accusing Schiff of lying — but Schiff was clear and stated that he was not reading exact words. On the other hand, Trump is claiming his summary memo is an exact “word for word” transcript — and it is pretty clear that it is not.

If and when the closed-door testimony is released, Adam Schiff will not be doctoring it. The only things that anyone can expect to be missing are any redacted portions that deal with classified information or the like. Schiff will have no control over that, as security experts will make those calls. There will also be all the other committee members and those present at the hearings who will be able to verify the accuracy of the testimony.

Trump’s actions are that of someone who is scared. He is grasping at straws as more and more facts pile up. He also seems to be trying to be a defense lawyer on “Law and Order” or something by trying to “get evidence thrown out” on technicalities that he dreams up in his own head. Of course, one could also just say Trump is projecting his own lying ways onto his political enemies. After all, it is Donald J. Trump who has clearly been found to have lied over 13,000 times since taken office. All Adam Schiff has done is embellish a few words while telling everyone that he was embellishing a few words.

It is also interesting to note that Trump uses the wording “is allowed” to release the transcripts.

Wasn’t it the GOP that was demanding the release of them?

Now, Trump wants people to believe that they are best kept secret and he and his allies in Congress are the ones “safeguarding” them. He pretends as if Schiff could only release the transcripts if he pulls some sneaky move or that he has to go to court to get permission. He doesn’t — he is merely doing what Republicans, at Trump’s direction, have demanded (bluffed) and now that the bluff is being called out, Trump, of course, changes his tune and tries out a new sales pitch … that should tell everyone something about who is doing the people’s business and who is only doing business for themselves.