Donald J. Trump, The President of the United States, and the leader of the free world (allegedly) — has been reduced to a “I’m taking the ball and going home” defense. Trump is admitting to considering to have a government shutdown if the Impeachment Inquiry continues.

Hint: it will continue.

As evidence mounts against him, Trump is getting more and more desperate by the day, seemingly.

You can see Trump adamantly refuse to rule out a government shutdown in the 2nd tweet below (the one after he rekindles the “raking the forests” myth):

There are other disturbing statements in the short tweet. Trump also claims that the Democrats have done nothing. That is not the case. The Democratic led House of Representatives have sent literally hundreds of bills to the Senate, where Republican Mitch McConnell lets them die on the vine, with pride sometimes, it seems.

Trump claims the Democratic Party has done nothing about guns. That is also not true. Among those hundreds of bills are ones that are aimed to improve gun safety and save lives.

About the impeachment inquiry, Trump is trying to convince everyone “the whole case” against him is only about the phone call. That is also false. Democrats have repeatedly stated there is a whole series of events going back many months involving Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Bill Barr, Rick Perry, Nick Mulvaney, and other current and former administration officials and foreign players that have connections to this investigation. Furthermore, there are events after the phone call as well. The phone call only gives us a window into those other events and helps to connect the dot. It is not an isolated incident.

Will Trump shut down the Federal Government to try to stop the inquiry against him? Perhaps, but perhaps not. Doing so might be very bad politically, even among his allies. Also, Trump has been known to bluff many things only to quietly not do them later. But then again, as the people prosecuting the inquiry might believe, Trump will stop at nothing to serve himself above the interests of America and the American people.

Stay tuned …