Today the first of the Impeachment Inquiry transcripts were released. the inquiry thus far has been primarily about The POTUS and his allies trying to get the Ukrainian government to get dirt on Trump’s potential political rival, Joe Biden, in order to get the aid that Congress had already appropriated for them.

Among some of the bombshell revelations was that the Ambassador to Ukraine, who testified that she was trying to actually help Ukraine’s government to root out corruption, was told to make public declarations of praise for Donald Trump in order to possibly save her job.

Yovanovitch sought advice from Gordon Sondland, the ambassador to the European Union, who recommended that she tweet out praise for Trump. “You know the sorts of things he likes,” Sondland said, according to Yovanovitch. “You know, go out there battling aggressively and, you know, praise him or support him.”

This was allegedly as other forces were trying to have her removed. They included Rudy Giuliani and two Ukrainians he represents, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, who were indicted last month — they apparently wanted her out as ambassador for their own “business reasons.”

Her testimony roughly follows along the lines of other officials who have spoken about Trump’s need to be praised. We have also seen cabinet meetings where the members lavished praise upon the “dear leader” in ways that echo countries like North Korea. Some have said that Trump has asked officials to take “loyalty oaths” to him, not the country, in order to stay in his favor.

Yes, this is quite chilling and scary to many.

Yovanovitch was also told by Ukrainians to “watch her back.” One doesn’t have to be a stable genius to know what that means.

As more and more is revealed in this impeachment inquiry, it will be interesting to see what other games the President has been playing with our nation, its security, and its people.

Stay tuned …