According to right-wing “Christian” activist Ralph Reed, while evangelicals may be less than pleased with the bad behavior of President Donald Trump, they’d better head to the polling places in droves in 2020 or it’ll be “open season” on people of faith.

During an appearance on Stephen Strang’s podcast Monday, Strang declared that “life as we know it as Christians” would be irrevocably altered if Trump doesn’t win a second term in office:

“It’s going to be bad news, and Christians have to realize that they cannot be complacent. [Trump] is our champion and he has come through on his promises again and again, and we’ve got to get him back into a second term to finish what he’s started and also to stop the other side.”

Reed eagerly agreed with Strang, remarking:

“If the Christian community doesn’t rise up like it never has in modern political history and if we allow, through our inaction, the left to remove this man from the Oval Office, then we will deserve everything that we get.”

He then added this bit of ridiculous hyperbole:

“If they get the White House back, it will be open season on Christian ministries, on churches, the IRS will be able to persecute those faith-based organizations again. They will, under Obamacare, be able to force them to pay for abortion again. They will be able to sue the Little Sisters of the Poor and drag God-fearing nuns into federal court again to make them pay for abortion. That’s what will happen, and if we don’t turn out and vote in the biggest numbers ever, then we deserve it to happen.”

Over the past three years, this country — via the Trump administration — has been under the sway of the Christian version of the Taliban. As a result, the rights of women, immigrants, the LGBT community, and other minorities have been drastically reduced, in some cases leading to the deaths of people whose only crime was believing the promises enumerated in the Constitution.

A second Trump term in office would put this nation on the road to tyranny and authoritarianism under the guise of “religious values.” That alone is reason to send every single Republican packing in 2020.

Featured Image Via Right Wing Watch