They thought they had it all figured out. They thought they had identified the whistleblower. They were 100 percent wrong. They falsely accused a totally innocent person.

Trump supporters published a picture on social media where they “identified the whistleblower.” They circled his face in the photo. They put arrows around the circle pointing to him.

Why would they do this? Was it to praise him? Was it to do a great service to the general public?

Of course not. In publishing that picture Trump supporters knew exactly what they were doing and what would happen. And it did. Former Obama White House staffer R. David Edelman woke up Thursday to a  frightening reality: Many people who support Trump on the internet were convinced that he was the anonymous whistleblower who started the whole impeachment proceeding ball to get rolling.

Then, of course, the death threats followed. Just as they knew they would. Just as anyone with half-a-brain would know they would. Of course, they thought they were being righteous and “justice” would be served by throwing this proverbial hand grenade in the room. They thought they “got him” — got the whistleblower and would expose him to the world and gain praise from the dear leader.

Again, they were completely wrong. Edelman isn’t the whistleblower and is completely innocent of the false charges Trump supporters accused him of.

Edelman hasn’t worked in the White House since 2017. The whistleblower is a current White House employee. In less than a minute, they could have fact-checked this, but they didn’t. Trump supporters tend not to hold facts as a core value. They prefer to absorb the 13,000 lies that Trump has spewed in speeches, press conferences, and tweets over the past few years. To some, that might be humorous. Some of the supporters know they are swallowing bs but accept it cause they just might get to “piss off a liberal snowflake” or something along those lines.

But it isn’t funny when an innocent person and their family are getting death threats — and sometimes death threats lead to actual deaths. Fortunately, so far, in this case it hasn’t.

Edelman himself responded to the false accusation with great restraint and decency. He didn’t threaten anyone back. He didn’t whine about it. He just presented the cold hard fact that he isn’t, nor could he have been the whistleblower. He even used a little self-deprecating humor in his response, which is pictured below:

This attack on a completely innocent person isn’t “fake news” or anything that light. This really isn’t even “bullying.” This folks, is cyber-terrorism. This is trying to cause harm (which was threatened) to someone and furthermore, chill anyone else from standing up to their dear leader. Whoever published that photo and falsely identified the whistleblower should be prosecuted. They are the ones who should be exposed and held up as an example to others that “exposing” people like this, especially when innocent, cannot be tolerated.

Our political discourse has been degraded so much over the past few years that sometimes it is tough for some to even continue participating. The Trump circus has already dissuaded too many good Americans from being a part of our politics and that trend needs to stop and reverse itself. Of course, we can’t expect Bill Barr to do anything about it but maybe someone in a State DOJ or US Attorney’s office can show some independence and file charges against the terrorist who tried to take down an innocent person to please Trump.


NOTE: In this article, the term ‘innocence” is used to describe someone who did not do something he was accused of. It doesn’t imply that there is anything wrong with being a whistleblower, only he wasn’t the whistleblower. — SC