Nikki Haley, The former South Carolina governor and UN ambassador has been making the usual rounds promoting a new book — and praising President Donald Trump as truthful and competent. Joe Scarborough, the outspoken “Morning Joe” host said there’s only one possible reason for Haley trashing her own reputation before the 2024 election, and it isn’t a wise one — according to him.

Haley is considered by some analysts to be a contender for POTUS in 2024.

“I have one word for Mike Pence, my friend — duck,” Scarborough said. “I mean, Nikki Haley, unless she wanted the job, would not — would not so besmirch her own reputation. She just said she had no question as to Donald Trump’s fitness for the job.”

Journalist Susan Page, appearing in the segment, tried to defend Haley. She said Haley had managed to stay in Trump’s good graces despite sometimes criticizing him. She pointed out Haley’s criticism of Trump’s Charlottesville comments and a few other isolated incidents.
Scarborough came back saying that such a line, if it existed, has been forever erased with her fawning praise in the new book.
The host also made some other points about how the whole conservative movement has been essentially eliminated by Trump. He pointed out how Republicans, especially ones that wore the conservative banner had abandoned principles like balanced budgets, smaller government, and free trade policies. Scarborough claimed Trump had “corrupted” the entire conservative movement in his tenure.
The former Florida Congressman also noted that his old friend, Mike Pence, was not the same person since becoming Vice President. He wondered aloud about why Haley would even want Pence’s job considering it has probably squandered any future he might have.

“Mike Pence is a great example,” Scarborough said. “He’s a guy I knew in Congress. I don’t recognize him. I haven’t recognized him for several years. He will literally say anything that he is told to say, he will literally parrot Donald Trump.”

Check out the full segment below: