Anyone who has tuned into the first day of impeachment hearings can see two things. One side, the Democrats, are investigating presidential abuse of power and bribery. The other side, the Republicans, are attempting to get the witnesses to follow them down any rabbit hole or conspiracy theory they can dream up.

One side is worried about Russian meddling in the 2020 election. The other side is trying to exonerate Vladimir Putin and his Russian agents, many of which have already been indicted, and trying to somehow blame Ukraine for the 2016 election meddling.

Not all Republicans are pleased with the tactics the GOP is taking. For example, there’s Ari Fleischer, who has frequently defended Donald J. Trump.

As the GOP was floundering trying to distract everyone from the issue at hand, Fleischer tweeted this:

Fleischer is correct.

GOP lawmakers tasked Stephen Castor with questioning Bill Taylor, the acting ambassador to Ukraine, and George Kent, a State Department deputy who covers Ukraine, and the staunch Republican Fleischer wasn’t impressed.

Several followers of Fleischer weren’t impressed either. Below are some examples: