Some might wonder how Kellyanne Conway keeps getting away with all these trite dismissals of Trump’s misconduct. This week, she shrugged off the emoluments violations that are alleged in a current suit against Trump’s DC hotel by saying “the food is really good.” Of course, there’s the “alternative facts” line that kept the media busy for weeks trying to analyze it. Some are now wondering if she is the “Anonymous” writer who has a book coming out this month that is allegedly, as the title says, a “Warning” to the American people about how dangerous Trump is to the nation.

For example, in “Warning” the anonymous author says this about his suspicious love of Putin:

“The president’s obvious admiration for Vladimir Putin (‘great guy,’ ‘terrific person’) still continues to puzzle us, including those on the team who shrug off his outlandish behavior. Where did the Putin hero worship come from? It’s almost as if Trump is the scrawny kid trying to suck up to the bully on the playground. Commentators have speculated, without any evidence, that Moscow must ‘have something’ on the president. I wish I could say. All I know is that whatever drives his love for Putin, it’s terrible for the United States because Vladimir is not on our side and no US president should be building him up.”

Whoever “Anonymous” is, we do know they are a “senior White House official” and it seems it is one who has been with Trump the whole time, since the campaign. Kellyanne Conway certainly fits that bill, is actually a talented communicator, and repeatedly serves up these softballs that in any normal world would make Trump look bad.

The idea of Conway being the mystery writer isn’t that far-fetched. Aside what was mentioned above, remember she is married to George Conway, one of Trump’s most outspoken critics. By giving out such outlandish explanations for Trump’s behavior she can please him (cause he loves to keep the media on their heels) without totally selling her soul. Perhaps the book is her way of clearing her conscience. After the Trump presidency, especially if it ends in disgrace, she can reveal herself as the “mole” and claim that she was really working for the American people, and not just being a Trump minion.

That’s the kind of thing a good PR/communications person would think up.

Time will tell who the writer is. Things like this often come out, even if after the fact. If Conway is the anonymous mole, some Americans might end up praising her instead of the scorn she receives from them now — or maybe not. After all, she has burned many bridges and has been the quintessential sycophant during Trump’s tenure and that might be too much for some people to forgive, despite any “warnings.”