Kellyanne Conway apparently thinks a good meal and a convenient location literally ‘trumps’ the Constitution.

Yesterday, she appeared with Wolf Blitzer and defended the potential unconstitutionality of Donald J. Trump’s DC hotel. Like most of her arguments on other things, it bordered on absurdity.

This all came from a sales prospectus for the property, as the Trump organization is now finally trying to sell off the lease to the controversial property.

A glossy sales prospectus for the Trump Organization’s hotel in downtown Washington – the same hotel that has been the focus of allegations that the president is profiting from his office – identifies a key source of profit potential: foreign governments.

“Tremendous upside potential exists for a new owner to fully capitalize on government related business upon rebranding of the asset,” reads the 46-page investor pitch for the Trump International Hotel, which was compiled by JLL Hotels & Hospitality and reported by CNN.

When asked about this open admission, Conway was dismissive, citing great food and a convenient location as a justification.

She then added that Trump and his family are making “financial sacrifices” and so all this Constitution stuff should just take a back seat.

See the clip below:

Some question these “sacrifices” as just more nonsense from the Trump family. Trump himself reported income of about 2.3 billion (yes, with a B) in income since becoming a candidate for office.  Just last year, he added about a half a billion dollars included in that total.

The Trump kids have also made millions upon millions.

Just this week, a judge ruled against Trump in the emoluments suit against him, reversing an earlier ruling and allowing the case to proceed.

… The Justice Department was attempting to dismiss the case, but U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ruled that Democrats had the right to sue Trump over his alleged violation of “gifts or payments from foreign governments” he had received through a number of his businesses. Judge Sullivan specifically noted that Trump had received hotel-related payments from foreign governments, licensing fees from foreign governments for his reality show The Apprentice, and intellectual property rights from China. This case is one of two cases involving Trump’s alleged emoluments violations …

It is not known if the judges in either of the cases will be swayed by a tasty surf and turf as Kellyanne Conway thinks they should be.

Some might wonder how she keeps getting away with all these trite dismissals of Trump’s misconduct. Some are now wondering if she is the “Anonymous” writer who has a book coming out this month that is allegedly, as the title says, a “Warning” to the American people about how dangerous Trump is to the nation.

For example, in “Warning” the anonymous author says this about his suspicious love of Putin:

“The president’s obvious admiration for Vladimir Putin (‘great guy,’ ‘terrific person’) still continues to puzzle us, including those on the team who shrug off his outlandish behavior. Where did the Putin hero worship come from? It’s almost as if Trump is the scrawny kid trying to suck up to the bully on the playground. Commentators have speculated, without any evidence, that Moscow must ‘have something’ on the president. I wish I could say. All I know is that whatever drives his love for Putin, it’s terrible for the United States because Vladimir is not on our side and no US president should be building him up.”

Whoever “Anonymous” is, we do know they are a “senior White House official” and it seems it is one who has been with Trump the whole time, since the campaign. Kellyanne Conway certainly fits that bill, is actually a talented communicator, and repeatedly serves up these softballs that in any normal world would make Trump look bad.


Featured image via screen capture from Twitter.