Many Americans have made themselves familiar with the controversial phone call that led to the Ukrainian scandal and impeachment inquiry. In that call, Trump referred to Ambassador Marie Yovonovich as “bad news” and inferred that some bad things might be in store for her down the road. Amazingly, as she testified today, Trump continued his campaign of intimidation and propaganda against her — stunning many.

As she testified about Ukrainian corruption, laying out the actual truth about what has happened inside the country and who the actual good and bad guys are, Trump apparently couldn’t handle the damning testimony and lashed out.

1st off, Somalia was hardly a paradise before Yovonovich arrived. And where Ambassadors do some good work, they are not exactly in a position to totally reform the country. Also, no one is questioning a president’s right to appoint amabassadors. When that intent is corrupt, however, it matters in the bigger picture.

The biggest revelation might be this, however … it was Trump who began badmouthing her on the phone call, not Ukrainian President Zelensky. After Trump brought her up and smeared her, Zelensky showed his loyalty to The Donald by echoing his comments. He also acknowledged that it was Trump that “warned” him about her supposedly being a “bad ambassador.” Trump had previously said that it was Zelensky that warned him.

From the transcript:

Trump: … The former ambassador from the United States,· the woman., was bad
news and the people she was dealing with in the Ukraine .were bad
news so I just want to_let you know that …

Zelensky: … with regard: to the Ambassador
to the United States from Ukraine as far as I recall her name
was Ivanovich. It was great that you were the first one. who told
me that she was a bad ambassador …

Now, here’s the kicker … Trump boldy had his minion, Devin Nunes read the “1st call” between himself and Zelensky. Trump later published the alleged transcript of the call. There is no mention of the Ambassador in that call. So, of course, that begs the question — when exactly did Trump tell Zelensky about Yovonovich?

For facts sake … below is the transcript of the 1st April phone call between Trump and Zelensky via Trump’s own Twitter along with Nunes reading the transcript:

So, when exactly did Trump tell him this? It wasn’t in the alleged “1st phone call” in April and in the alleged “2nd call” in July Zelensky refers back to when Trump “warned him about her.”

In trying to shut her down and intimidate her, Trump may have just opened up a whole new can of worms. Trump’s administration has refused to release any documents and have stonewalled any attempts to get them. The only 2 documents that have been released have been these phone calls, which Trump thought would clear him. Instead, it may be a big nail in his presidential coffin. Now, it is vital that all documents and transcripts be turned over to the investigation to answer these important questions.

While this might not be the core of what ends up being any articles of impeachment, but it at least could go a very long way to show the intent of Trump, Giuliani, Perry, and all the other players in this scandal.

Furthermore, Chairman Adam Schiff commented that Trump’s actions amount to “witness intimidation” and could actually add another article of impeachment. See Schiff’s comments below: