Donald J. Trump has spent his presidency lashing out at anyone who criticizes him. He has used his presidential bully pulpit seemingly to serve his own ego on a daily basis for close to three years now. Today, he may have topped all of that in just one tweet. Previously, the never Trumper ranks have been reserved for media, Democrats, and anyone in the intelligence community who dares give a second look to anything he does. Today, however, apparently Mike Pence is now guilty of employing at least one ‘never Trumper’ according to one of Trump’s latest tweets.

Jennifer Williams is a career foreign service officer in the State Department who is detailed to Pence’s office as an adviser for Europe and Russia. Her work is neither partisan or self-serving. There is no record of her being anti-Trump or anything of the sort.

Williams is being attacked by the President via Twitter on Sunday — days before her open testimony before the House as part of their impeachment investigation.

So, apparently Trump doesn’t know who she is but is sure she is a never Trumper? Why is he so sure?

Perhaps it is because she isn’t a 2nd hand witness. She was actually in on that now infamous July 25th phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky. Perhaps it is because she has respect for the rule of law and is complying with Congress in their Constitutionally mandated oversight role. Perhaps she can corroborate things that it seems Team Trump do want to be corroborated.

In her closed door testimony, she seemed to be able to corroborate things like pinning down when Trump decided that Vice President Pence would not be attending President Zelensky’s inauguration.

She might be able to give more clarity to Ambassador Sondland’s role in the whole scandal. Sondland has been shown to be a direct link to Trump, speaking to him directly on several occasions according to various witness testimony. Sondland has already been forced to “revise” some of his previous testimony and some expect it to be revised further after more testimony seems to put him in places and/or saying things he previously “couldn’t recall” being or saying.

And, of course, she can give further first-hand detail about the July 25th call — details the summary (that Trump falsely calls a transcript (it isn’t)) leave out.

Who knows what else she may know. Trump seems to think she might know a lot — and that may be why she is being attacked and some might say intimidated a full two days before she is scheduled to testify.

Williams along with Colonel Vindman are scheduled to testify together during a public impeachment hearing on Tuesday morning.

Trump is also lashing out at his own Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, after much of the damning testimony in the impeachment hearings have come from people in the State Department.

As Mother Jones reports:

President Donald Trump—a man with an unparalleled penchant for turning members of his inner circle—is now taking aim at Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, according to NBC News. Trump reportedly blames Pompeo, long seen as one of his most loyal cabinet members, for the damning testimony delivered by a parade of State Department officials during the impeachment inquiry.

The report goes on to quote an official familiar with the situation:

“He feels like he’s getting a bunch of blame from the president and the White House for having hired all these people who are turning against Trump, and that it’s the State Department that is going to bring him down, so it’s all Pompeo’s fault.”

Another official added that Pompeo feels “iced out” by the president.

So, will Mike Pompeo be the next “never Trumper” on the POTUS’s hit list? We shall see …