Jim Jordan has been Donald J. Trump’s attack dog throughout the impeachment hearings. In Fact, Jordan wasn’t even on the committee just a few weeks ago and was placed there by the Republican leadership to be that attack dog. Today, Jordan went off the rails, defying rules and basic human decency in his questioning of staffer David Holmes, who was giving some very damaging testimony that could help the impeachment case that the Democrats are making.

Jordan tried to filibuster Holmes, refusing to let him answer his questions and just going on and on until there was literally four seconds left on the time clock.  Fortunately, Chairman Adam Schiff allowed Holmes to actually answer. Despite that, Jordan continued to interrupt. He then accused Holmes of “filibustering” despite the opposite being true.

Jordan tried to exploit a detail that Ambassador Taylor had left out in earlier testimony. The detail he left out was something that Holmes could easily show happened, but Jordan was having none of it.

Holmes had filed a report about the call where Trump wanted use taxpayer dollars that had been properly appropriated by Congress to extort an investigation into the Bidens from the Ukrainians in order for them to receive aid from the US. He then went away on vacation, coming back a week later. Holmes then went into a meeting where he referenced the call in a meeting. To everyone in the room, it was the Bidens that Trump was after. Everyone nodded in agreement when it was brought up. Taylor was one of those people in the room as the meeting was in his office.

Jordan clung to part of Taylor’s testimony that didn’t mention this particular interaction. So Jordan tried to dress down Holmes. Holmes remained calm, despite Jordan’s interruptions and rude behavior.  According to Holmes, Ambassador Taylor had reached the same conclusions as he did through his own interactions on the matter. Holmes tried to explain to Jordan about the moment in the meeting where he knew that everyone saw what he saw, what Trump’s agenda actually was. They, including Taylor, had discovered this through their own individual experiences. What was a major moment for Holmes, having his suspicions verified, may not have been as important to Taylor, who had many other interactions on the subject and seemed to already know all of that.

Holmes gave credible testimony and Jordan, and without any evidence to the contrary, the attack dog could only try to shout down and intimidate Holmes.

Finally, Chairman Schiff demanded that Jordan be quiet even if he doesn’t like the witness’s answer.

Check out the full exchange below:

Ironically and quite unbelievably, Jordan at the end tried to say that Holmes was the one filibustering, not him. Can you say projection, boys and girls?


Featured image via screen capture from youtube.com