Throughout the presidency of Donald J. Trump, America has witnessed many Republicans literally drop all their principles to stand with Donald J. Trump and his agenda. Republicans used to be for free trade — now they support his tariffs and trade wars, much of which have harmed American farmers and other workers. Republicans used to be against dictators and support democracies around the world — that has all now been flipped on its head. Republicans used to hold the Constitution close to their heart — now, it is an inconvenience that gets in their president’s way.

Republicans used to be for “the rule of law” — now, it seems many simply don’t care about it, at least when it comes to Trump. They would rather relish in the notion of “pissing off a liberal” when Trump trashes everything and anything that gets in his way.

Now it does seem, however, that at least some Republicans have had enough. It appears that Trump has simply crossed too many lines to just write it off and they, like other Americans, aren’t going to let Trump and his cronies “normalize” this behavior. Simply put, some Republicans just want their party back.

“Republicans for the Rule of Law” is a group headed by Bill Kristol, and representing GOPers that have also had enough of Trump’s lawlessness and down right abuse of his power as he arrogantly trashes anything that stands between him and more power and/or profit.

The group has launched a new PSA, and it is now running on Fox, along with other selected TV and digital markets.

The ad features various witnesses, including Gordon Sondland, the man who Trump gave an ambassadorship after Sondland donated a million dollars to him, acknowledging a “quid pro quo” — a fancy latin term that arguably boils down to bribery and/or extortion. It also shows Senator Lindsay Graham, who has shamelessly defended Trump since the death of John McCain — one of Trump’s detractors in the GOP, saying that if someone could show that “quid pro quo” was happening, he might change his mind.

Of course, the under-oath testimony where the President’s own appointees acknowledging the “quid pro quo” clearly show Graham the evidence he asked for.

Will that change Graham and other GOP Senators mind? Time will tell. But Graham’s question has been clearly answered and as the ad shows, the ball is in his court to do the right thing.

Check out the ad below:


Featured image via screen capture from Twitter