Former RNC chairman Michael Steele took the organization to the woodshed on Friday morning for spending $100,000 in donations to make a bulk purchase of Donald Trump Jr’s new book, calling out their hypocrisy along the way.

Trump Jr, who recently received a sharp tongue-lashing from veterans, “wrote” a book that somehow topped the New York Times bestseller list. However, the publication put an asterisk on the ranking because of a bulk purchase that was clearly devised to rig the list so that Trump Jr’s book could seem more popular than it actually is in reality.

It turns out the RNC, despite repeated denials, paid $100,000 on the bulk purchase of the book. And we know that because the RNC had to report the payment to the FEC, which keeps records of spending by political committees.

During an interview on Morning Joe, Steele called out the RNC for the hypocritical purchase and for outright lying even though they knew the truth would be revealed.

“Of course it was the RNC — SOBs,” Steele began. “Oh my god. Look, let me just tell you how screwed up this is. Before I became national chairman, I had written a book on how the Republican Party can regroup after the 2008 shellacking, after the 2006, you know, bang-up at the polls, and move the party forward, and people looked at me and said, ‘How dare you write a book and try to profit off of the RNC.’”

Indeed, Republicans used to constantly gripe about this sort of corruption, but they have apparently embraced it to appease President Donald Trump.

“These days they’re just giving away $100,000 to the president’s son — are you kidding me?” Steele continued. “This is the kind of internal corruption that people complained about inside the RNC for a long time, and then guys like myself and others come along and try to change the system. We get booted out, they reinstate it and go big and bold with it, and then to sit up and lie upfront, ‘No, we didn’t do that,’ knowing that they’ve got to report it on the FEC report and when it comes out everybody in the world’s going to see it and they’re going to say, what is this $100,000 for? It’s just unbelievable.”

Unbelievable may be an understatement at this point. There really are no words that can describe the kind of corruption the Republican Party is engaged in today on Trump’s behalf.

For instance, if former President Barack Obama has spent the amount of taxpayer money that Trump is currently lavishing on his own resorts, they would have called for his impeachment. But they let Trump do it openly without complaint.

Steele then pointed out where most of this money is actually coming from.

“Those are moms and dads, grandpas and grandmas, who write a check for $50, $100 to the RNC to help elect candidates, not to go out and buy some dumb-behind book that nobody’s going to read, all right, and the fact of the matter is, it’s just — it’s incredible just the sheer corruption, top-down, throughout the RNC now, just been wholly owned as a subsidiary of the Trump Organization,” he said.

He also explained that this kind of corrupt spending is why Republicans can expect to lose many local races across the country in 2020.

“It’s not just the books, folks, it’s everything else,” Steele said. “It’s legal fees, it’s trips, it’s all kinds of expenses that the RNC is taking on, spending donor money to take care of the business of the Trump family and its organization. So I don’t want to hear the whining from the members anymore about where the money’s going and why candidates are running for county council and mayor in local races aren’t getting cash.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

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