Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) is having a terrible week and it only got worse on Sunday when former Rep. David Jolly (R-Fla.) humiliated him with condemnation and mockery for threatening to sue the media for reporting on his own role in the Ukraine scandal.

Earlier in the week, a former associate a Rudy Giuliani named Lev Parnas claimed that Nunes met with a Ukraine prosecutor in an effort to help get dirt on former Vice-President Joe Biden on behalf of President Donald Trump.

Nunes has been a loyal Trump toady for more than two years now, even going so far as to inform on the House Intelligence Committee investigation into Russian election interference in 2016, which forced him to briefly recuse himself even as he continued trying to undermine the probe from behind the scenes.

Anyway, Nunes now faces serious legal repercussions because soliciting dirt on a political candidate from a foreign national is illegal.

The press naturally reported on the bombshell claims, as they should. But Nunes is apparently upset that the media didn’t bury the story, so he is threatening to sue in addition to a separate lawsuit he has already filed against social media over an account purporting to be one of his cows. Seriously.

Asked to comment on the threat during an appearance on CNN, Jolly did not hold back.

“Look, I would first say Devin Nunes wants to sue the media over this,” he said. “What a bunch of thin-skinned weaklings Republicans have become wanting to sue the media over a legitimate report.”

“Lev Parnas said he met with the prosecutor, that’s it,” Jolly continued. “Stop trying to sue the media and sue the cow and all that other stuff. The House Ethics Committee gives a lot of deference to members. Without a direct tie to some type of campaign contribution that he benefited from or an actual bribe, which clearly there is no reporting of, the question is did he bring ill-repute upon the House by not disclosing to the Intelligence Committee or his colleagues going into the series of hearings that in fact, he had a conflict or additional information.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

An ethics complaint against Nunes has already been filed and he is once again being called upon to recuse himself, this time from the impeachment hearings because he clearly has a conflict of interest seeing as how he tried to help Trump pressure Ukraine to get dirt on Biden.

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