Just like with everyone else, Trump is now throwing his own personal attorney under the bus. In the impeachment hearings, pretty much everyone, regardless of what else they had to say, said under oath that Giuliani was Trump’s main man in Ukraine and was acting under Trump’s direction. But Trump is now trying to actually deny that he sent him there. This incredible revelation comes in a brand-new interview with Bill O’Reilly on his radio broadcast.

When asked by O’Reilly if he sent Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine, Trump says that he’d “have to ask that to Rudy.” O”Reilly asked him again, and Trump clearly says “no.”

Trump is claiming that Rudy must have been in Ukraine for “other clients” and not him. Giuliani even said he was there on the POTUS’s behalf.

Check out Trump playing dumb below:

After the MSNBC clip cuts off, Trump went on to say that Giuliani is a “warrior” and suggested that he was doing “anti-corruption” work for others, and not him — despite the mountain of testimony that directly links Trump to Giuliani and Trump directing Giuliani.

This seems to fit a pattern for Trump of distancing himself from his associates when there is no other way out to deny things. He made similar moves with Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, and Michael Flynn. All of who were convicted of felonies.

When first asked about Stormy Daniels, Trump said almost the same thing — that everyone should go ask his attorney/fixer at the time, Michael Cohen. We all know how that worked out.

Unlike some others, though, Giuliani claims he has “insurance” in case Trump tried to throw him under the bus and make him the fall guy. It is starting to look like Rudy might need to cash in that policy.

Some people expect Trump could even begin to deny even knowing Giuliani as the wagons circle around Trump and all his defenses get debunked and fall flat.


Featured image via screen capture.