As the season of giving begins, Kim Jong Un got into the spirit early by sending his “buddy” Donald J. Trump a Thanksgiving Day gift — actually a pair of them.

North Korea launched what is being described as two “unidentified projectiles” today. Most of the world would call those projectiles missiles. This is the second missile test North Korea has done in a month, with the last test coming on October 31st.

These tests do not seem to be just for the sake of testing their equipment but as a warning to President Trump. Kim Jong Un has pledged to break off all talks and negotiations with the U.S. by year’s end unless Trump gives him some major concessions.

According to the South Korean government, the missiles appear to be of the short-range variety and were aimed towards US ally Japan.

Japan’s Defense Ministry said “what appears to be a ballistic missile” fired by North Korea did not reach the country’s territory. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said in a televised news conference that neither of the projectiles had entered Japan’s airspace or “exclusive economic zone” at sea. The Japanese defense ministry said it would continue to analyze the situation and any new information as it becomes available “in order to protect the lives and assets of the people.”

Jeon Dong-jin, director of operations for the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said at a news conference that the country’s military had “detected two short-range projectiles, assumed to be from a large multiple rocket launcher (MRL), which North Korea fired towards the East Sea.”

Jeon said the launches were “unhelpful for efforts to ease tension on the Korean peninsula” and said the South Korean military “expresses strong regret and urges the North to stop any action raising military tension.”

Last month’s test featured a new “super” rocket launcher that can assist in North Korea being able to launch deadly surprise attacks.

Talks between North Korea and the US ended when the two countries could not agree to a pact where the US would offer concessions in exchange for “partial” disarmament by the North Korean government. Many experts have said that Kim Jong Un has played Trump “like a fiddle” since Trump agreed to meet with the North Korean dictator without any pre-conditions. Trump told the American people he would get his adversary to conceded to his will, essentially — and it would be easy.  In fact, in June of 2018, Trump actually declared “victory” … something that obviously has not happened.

As of today, it seems that North Korea is the same, if not more of a Nuclear threat than when Trump took office.