Conservative attorney George Conway finally took a shot at his wife in a public Twitter retort for the first time since he began criticizing President Donald Trump.

Kellyanne Conway is the longest-serving member of the Trump cult in the White House, unless of course, you count Ivanka as a legitimate member of the administration.

She has jumped to his defense in every scandal and has repeatedly lied for him on television while also serving as an attack dog, so much so, that she has violated the Hatch Act several times by attacking Trump’s political opponents while in her official capacity.

And through it all, George Conway has refused to criticize or call out his wife, choosing to ignore her role in propping up Trump’s scandals and crimes.

But that is apparently changing.

On Monday, Kellyanne launched an attack on former Vice-President Joe Biden, calling him “creepy” while seemingly arguing that Ukraine isn’t necessary to beat Biden in 2020 should he become the Democratic presidential nominee.

There’s just one problem, which George Conway surprisingly pointed out in direct response to his wife’s tweet.

This is quite the “shots fired” moment.

After all, up until now, George has never publicly called out his wife for sticking with the Trump cult.

The fact is, however, that her tweet was totally fair game since Trump did try to blackmail Ukraine into opening a frivolous investigation against Biden in order to find dirt on him for Trump to use in exchange for the release of military aid Ukraine needs to fight Russian aggression.

George’s retort against his wife may just be a one-off. But it may indicate that he is losing his patience with Kellyanne’s continued support of a man who is destroying this country. Perhaps we can expect more public call-outs in the future. For now, you can bet on a likely private blow-up between the two when they get home later.


Featured Image: YouTube screenshot