President Donald Trump’s humiliation by world leaders at the NATO meetings in London amused Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway, who spent time on Wednesday morning mocking him for cowardly pouting and canceling his favorite part of every international conference.

On Tuesday night, a video emerged of world leaders laughing at Trump. French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were even joined by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whom Trump had considered one of his closest counterparts. But it appears that Johnson thinks Trump is a buffoon as well.

Conway quickly posted the video and slammed Trump for once again being a national embarrassment.

In response to the video, Trump threw a tantrum by canceling the press conference he usually holds at the end of these events, his favorite part.

The press would have spent considerable time asking Trump about being laughed at, so it’s pretty clear why he canceled so he could leave earlier than expected. Conway noticed and commented.

Conway then pointed out that the video blows apart the fantasy view of Trump’s supporters that their hero is somehow feared and respected by world leaders.

The mocking continued with Conway noting just how embarrassing it is that Trump ran away after world leaders laughed at him.

And then he dug up yet another past tweet, this one of Trump saying in 2014 that America needs a president who isn’t laughed at by the world.

Yeah, that one definitely came back to bite him here.

Make no mistake, Trump has been a laughing stock throughout his presidency. The United Nations even laughed in his face as he delivered remarks to that body just last year.

The world knows that Trump is a joke, and that means the United States is an international punchline, weakening any shred of reputation and prestige we may have had left. This video proves Trump is incapable of representing our country on the world stage, or any stage for that matter.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot