GOP strategist Rick Wilson delivered his most scathing column aimed at Republicans thus far on Wednesday, rebuking them for continuing to support President Donald Trump and blasting them for committing treason by doing so.

The impeachment inquiry in the House is damning against Trump after weeks of hearings have produced a mountain of evidence and witness testimony showing that he tried to bribe Ukraine into interfering with the 2020 Election by holding up military aid needed to fight Russian aggression to get Ukraine to investigate former Vice-President Joe Biden, who could end up being the Democratic presidential nominee.

And Republicans don’t care, which is why they are hell-bent on acquitting Trump in the Senate regardless of the evidence and witness testimony against him. In fact, they’ve even started spouting Russian propaganda to defend Trump, angering Wilson so much that he nuked them in his latest column.

“The Trump Republican Party has outdone itself in scoring merit badges for cowardice, betrayal, and corruption in the era of Trump, but the last two weeks have set a new standard for mendacity and outright treason so low it verges on chthonic,” Wilson wrote. “The GOP have abandoned any philosophical or ideological predicate beyond how fast they can assume the position to kiss Trump’s ample ass and cover for his ever-growing catalog of crimes and lies to the American people.”

He then did not hesitate to call them out publicly by name.

“First, of course, is the cancerous core of Donald Trump’s defense network, Attorney General Bill Barr,” Wilson wrote. “If I still had the power to be shocked by corruption and the total subornation of the Department of Justice to serve Trump’s personal and political ends, perhaps I could at least fake a sense of surprise. But the clear signals coming from Barr and his fellow Trumpboy Lindsey Graham tell us the real Horowitz Report out next week—which will reportedly almost entirely exonerate the FBI for its conduct during the 2016 election and thus destroy a number of comic-opera Trump conspiracy greatest hits, and generally deflates the Fox News Deep State horror-show playlist—just won’t do.”

Wilson continued by warning that Barr will likely release a report contradicting the case against Trump, the total opposite of how an Attorney General is supposed to act, and then gutted him.

“Barr is without question the most corrupt and political attorney general in the history of the United States of America, Wilson thundered. “His almost unbelievable degree of contempt, recklessness, and disregard for the rule of law is the apotheosis of this lawless administration.”

He then turned his ire on Senator John Kennedy (R-La.), who has spent days repeating Russian talking points accusing Ukraine of meddling in the 2016 Election and sticking to them even after being fact-checked.

Russia, not Ukraine, hacked our 2016 election. Try to find any member of the Senate who will say that on camera beyond Mitt Romney. They won’t. The new champion of this raging strain of dumbf**kery is Sen. John Kennedy of the great state of Louisiana, who for the last 10 digging-the-hole-deeper days has gamely shoveled out the lie that Ukraine was the culprit in 2016. When Louisiana sent Kennedy to Washington, it wasn’t sending its best. It was sending a babbling, tendentious clown—one who puts the idiot in useful idiot.

Indeed, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and multiple intelligence agencies in the United States and those of our allies all agree that Russia attacked our election system in 2016 to help Trump win.

Wilson then proceeded to rip Senate Republicans a new one for failing to do their duty to the Constitution and the country.

“Members of the United States Senate live in such mortal terror of Trump’s horde, his tweets, his uncontrolled fury that they will do and say anything to avoid having his baleful eye rest upon them,” he wrote. “This speaks so poorly of their character and courage that even in this fallen time, it stands as a memorial to cowardice. The cheerleaders will receive the rich, full f**king of history. That goes without saying.”

“The impeachment decision in the Senate is foregone because the Republicans there have joined the Trump suicide cult,” he continued. “They lack the honor to stand for the truth. They lack the will to resist the threats of Trump’s mob. The other explanation is darker: They’re adapting to the new demands of a post-Republic Republican Party, readying themselves for decades of Imperial Trumps in command of a furious cohort of populist morons fed a steady diet of Fox agitporn.”

He concluded by strongly urging Republicans to quit if they are too scared to come forward and speak out against Trump.

I’d advise any senator who can’t stand up, own the reality that’s in front of them, and, most importantly, tell their constituents and the American people the facts about the risks and dangers we face in this world, to quit now. Leave the Senate. Leave politics. After all this quality customer service, I’m sure the Trump family can find them a job at his golf courses or hotels, perhaps as a caddy or a concierge. They’re good at that.

Wilson seems to be assuming that Republicans have enough honor and dignity left to at least step down, but all they care about is keeping their power so they can enrich themselves, even if it means establishing an authoritarian government. What this country truly needs is a Democratic administration that will pursue prosecution of Trump, his family, his Cabinet, and the Republican lawmakers who sought to help him. They are all too dangerous to let off the hook. There must be consequences so that corruption like this never happens again, even if it means they all die in prison. A message needs to be sent, and only the American people can send it by putting people in office who will do what needs to be done.

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