President Donald Trump must have just realized how screwed he is after the impeachment hearing on Wednesday that saw devastating testimony by legal experts, because he is now using a new excuse to explain his damning phone call to Ukraine.

That July 25th call with Ukraine President Zelensky directly revealed via transcript that Trump demanded a “favor” in the form of dirt on former Vice-President Joe Biden or else he would not release military aid the country needs to defend itself against Russian aggression. That’s a bribe in an attempt to interfere with the 2020 Election.

The transcript alone should be enough to bury Trump, but witness testimony made it clear that he committed these crimes.

As did Stanford University law professor Pamela Karlan, who shredded Trump and the GOP during testimony at the hearing in which she explained that Trump’s crime is the same as defined by the Founding Founding in the Constitution.

“What they were thinking about was bribery as it was understood in the 18th century based on the common law up until that point,” Karlan said. “But what they were understanding then was the idea that when you took private benefits or when you asked for private benefits… in return for an official act, or someone gave them to you to influence an official act, that was bribery. If you conclude that he asked for the investigation of Vice President Biden and his son for political reasons — that is to aid his re-election, then, yes, you have bribery here.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Even GOP witness Jonathan Turley admitting that Trump has committed impeachable crimes, although he embarrassed himself by attacking the impeachment process and pretending that Trump’s crimes are not serious.

Again, bribery is a crime mentioned directly by the Constitution.

And Trump must have been alarmed by how the impeachment hearing went for him, because he decided to spout yet another excuse to explain the phone call.

Trump appears to have admitted that an investigation into Biden by Ukraine would be a “big win for him,” making dirt on Biden something valuable that Trump wanted.

That definitely makes what he did a crime, and only someone who knows they are about to be held accountable would desperately invent another excuse to explain away the chief piece of evidence against him.

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