President Donald Trump has already been humiliated by NATO, but Saturday Night Live embarrassed him again with an ego-bruising skit portraying him being seated at the loser table in the NATO cafeteria.

During a NATO conference in London earlier this week, the real Trump stormed out a little early without doing a press conference at the end of the event. Trump decided to take his ball and go home after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emanuel Macron, and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson were caught on a hot mic mocking Trump for delivering rambling remarks that drag on.

Trump even threw a temper tantrum over being laughed out of a continent, as Kellyanne Conway’s husband George put it later on.

And so, it was the perfect fodder for Saturday Night Live this week as Jimmy Fallon, Paul Rudd and James Corden appeared as the “cool kids,” playing Trudeau, Macron, and Johnson respectively.

The three were sitting down at the fictional NATO cafeteria “cool kids” table when Trump, played by Alec Baldwin, showed up to ask if he could take the empty seat next to them. You know, because Trump is desperate to be popular.

But the three world leaders deny him the seat, claiming that it’s reserved for someone else. That’s when Trump appeals to his “friend” Boris Johnson. Trump says:

“I’m Boris’ friend, right Boris?”

Johnson replied:

“Don’t make this harder than it is.”

They direct Trump to go sit at an adjacent table next to Latvia. When he does, the three begin mocking Trump again behind his back, especially his stance on climate change and science, as well as his recent rant about toilets.

Trudeau said:

“He’s like dumber than Boris.”

Over at the other table, Trump soon realizes that he’s at the loser table. He started complaining:

“Oh my God I’m at the loser table. I can’t believe they made me sit with the foreign kid.”

Trump inquires about a party Trudeau and Macron are talking Johnson into throwing at Buckingham Palace, but they tell Trump he won’t like it because he’ll have to walk upstairs.

It soon becomes clear who the three are holding the seat for as they invite German Chancellor Angela Merkel, played by Kate McKinnon, to sit with them.

She’s excited and awkwardly approaches the table and sits down. The three then tell her that former President Obama will be attending the party, deflating Trump’s ego even more.

Johnson then slaps a sign on Trump’s back that says “Impeach Me!!!” He then sits back down at the loser table and insists that the other world leaders like him before crying into his hamburgers.

First Lady Melania Trump, as played by Cecily Strong, then shows up as the frame freezes to deliver an ironic PSA about bullying. She says:

“Bullying is a serious problem, especially against President Trump. It’s not nice, he would never do it to you. So please, European leaders Be Best.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Featured Image: Screenshot