President Donald Trump has spent the last two days sucking up to Saudi Arabia despite knowing a Saudi national committed a mass shooting at the Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida.

On Friday, a Saudi military officer shot and killed three Americans and wounded several others, including members of our own military. The FBI is currently investigating and is still debating whether to call this shooting an act of terrorism.

Rather than express outrage, however, Trump elected to suck up to the Saudis and even spouted Saudi propaganda on Twitter.

Trump would go on to continue kissing the Saudi king’s a** during remarks to the press. Trump said:

“I spoke with the King of Saudi Arabia. They are devastated, Saudi Arabia. We’re finding out what took place, whether it’s one person or a number of people. The King will be involved in taking care of families & loved ones … they’re going to help out”

Again, a Saudi military officer murdered Americans on a United States Naval base. This could be an act of terrorism. It could even be considered an act of war. After all, the Saudis also played a major role in the 9/11 attacks.

Yet, Trump is poised to let Saudi Arabia off the hook, thus sending a message that the Saudis can do what they want to Americans on our own soil and he won’t say a word against them. This proves once more that Trump is a threat to our national security and doesn’t give a damn about the lives of our soldiers.

Twitter users, including former intelligence officials, former lawmakers, political and Middle East analysts, skewered him.

Trump clearly values his financial partnership with the Saudis more than he values American lives. Had the shooter been from somewhere else in the Middle East, Trump would be calling them a terrorist. But because the shooter was a Saudi military officer, Trump is all too happy to let him attack our country and then suck up to the country responsible for that Saudi national.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) is right. Trump really doesn’t “give a sh*t about America.”

Featured Image: Wikimedia