Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) actually had the gall to blame the impeachment hearings in the House for his own refusal to take up any bills in the Senate, resulting in a cavalcade of responses calling out his lies.

The House has been holding impeachment hearings for months now, all while proving they can investigate and legislate at the same time as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the Democratic majority pass bill after bill dealing with issues ranging from gun violence to drug prices.

McConnell, of course, has the power to bring these bills up for a vote. But he refuses to do so because he wants the Senate to be a “legislative graveyard,” which he has bragged about on several occasions and has made a central part of his re-election campaign.

On Monday, however, McConnell tried out a new tactic by claiming that impeachment is the reason why the Senate is so slow at getting things done, even as he jams judicial appointments through in his mission to pack the courts with conservative lackeys.


The House is actually closing in on passing the new NDAA defense bill. A funding bill that large rightfully takes time to wrap up.

In addition to that, right after Adam Schiff announced the articles of impeachment, Nancy Pelosi announced that the House has completed its duties on the Canada-Mexico trade agreement, and it will soon be on its way to Mitch McConnell and ultimately Donald Trump’s desk. So, not just in theory, but in reality, the Democrats have shown they can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Beyond that, there are hundreds of bills waiting for a vote in the Senate, as many Twitter users, including Democratic lawmakers, pointed out in a scathing rebuke of McConnell’s attack.

The fact is that the Senate does not have to deal with the impeachment until articles of impeachment are passed by the House, which is likely going to happen soon. Until then, the Senate has hundreds of bills to take up, but McConnell would rather use the backlog to attack impeachment in defense of Trump instead of doing his damn job. It’s just one more reason why he should be ousted from office next November.

Featured Image: Wikimedia