The chairwoman of the Galveston, Texas, Republican Party is under fire for sending a blatantly racist text message she later tried to blame on “fast” typing, according to KHOU:

Galveston County Republican Party Chairwoman Yolanda Waters is facing calls for resignation over a racially charged text message she allegedly sent to another member of the party.

The text message sent earlier this year reportedly referred to J.T. Edwards, a black man, who is a member of the State Republican Executive Committee.

The Galveston Daily News reports that the text message in question regarded loans Waters and her husband made to Edwards:

“Waters complained about personal loans she and her husband had made to Edwards, and then followed her complaint about the money by calling Edwards a ‘typical n**.’”

Edwards addressed the message from Waters with a statement on his Facebook page:

“Unfortunately, one of our own recently perceived a political fundraising solicitation as behavior ‘typical’ of my demographic and called it out using a racial epithet. This news shook me to my core. Those of you who know me will agree: the only thing typical about me is that I am a typical Republican – and extremely proud of it.”

In her defense, Waters claimed that she had been typing “fast” and failed to proofread her text before sending it:

“I usually type very fast, and in this case, I moved too fast to see that the word was there. I made the typo because I did not proofread my text.”

Waters also maintains that there’s no way she can be a racist because she happens to be Latina and African-American:

“I am saddened and hurt that anyone believes I am ‘racist’ against my own people.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R), however, has asked Waters to resign from a state-appointed board for the text she sent. 

 And Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush (R) also weighed in on the controversy with this posting on Twitter:

So far, Waters continues to resist calls for her to resign from her post as head of the Galveston GOP.

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