Attorney General Bill Barr continues to push President Donald Trump’s attack against the FBI, which drew a sharp rebuke from Morning Joe panelist and former Bush official Elise Jordan on Wednesday.

Despite Inspector General Michael Horowitz clearing the FBI of any wrongdoing, finding that the bureau appropriately opened the Russia investigation against the Trump campaign, Barr followed Trump’s lead by contradicting the report with his own biased opinion that the FBI somehow acted in “bad faith” and that Russia did not interfere with the 2016 Election.

Jordan, who worked for former President George W. Bush in his administration, which Barr also served, slammed Barr for spending his career being a hypocrite. Jordan started with:

“There’s so much hypocrisy in abundance, heaps of it, that’s it hard to know where to start. When you have Bill Barr lecturing about warrantless surveillance, that I believe as general counsel to Verizon, he worked hand-in-hand with the government to implement, yet now he’s up on his pedestal, suddenly a libertarian crusader.”

She continued:

“You look at all the through lines of what’s happening right now, and what connects is authoritarianism. The desire for authoritarian continuity among Donald Trump and all of his enablers. That’s the through line. It’s not a fight for liberty, it’s not a fight for the rule of law.”

Indeed, Trump and his cronies have spent that last three years systematically breaking down all three branches of government and undermining any law or rule they don’t like, all while Trump acts like a dictator and commits crimes against our nation for his own personal gain, including pardoning war criminals so they will campaign for him.

Jordan said:

“You see Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and what he’s done at the State Department. You see how State Department officials who are career servants speaking out, what happens when they speak out. You look at the Department of Defense and the war criminals that have been pardoned by this president, upending military discipline and the values that so many of our servicemen and women hold dear just because ‘dear leader’ says this is our value system now.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Barr is, perhaps, even more dangerous than Trump because he is acting as Trump’s personal fixer instead of as the top law enforcement officer in the United States. If anything, Barr should be prosecuting Trump. But he would clearly rather be his lapdog.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot