President Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. received special treatment from the Mongolian government over the summer after he shot and killed a rare endangered argali sheep. And he’s getting ripped apart for it on social media.

Trump Jr. fancies himself a hunter and there are many photographs circulating online of himself posing with all the animals he has killed around the world that have been a major source of outrage and controversy.

But earlier this year, Trump Jr. went to great lengths to kill one of the rarest creatures on Earth and hide it from the public, not even releasing any pictures of himself with his trophy.

Considered the largest species of wild sheep, the argali features large corkscrew-shaped horns that can reach over 6 feet long. In Mongolia, they are considered a national treasure. Due to over-hunting and habitat loss, the population continues to decrease today, with only 18,000 in existence as of 2009, which landed the species on the Endangered Species List in the United States.

Yet, Trump Jr. and his son hopped a plane to Mongolia, where he then killed an argali sheep in the dead of night and did not get a permit until after he had already left. It is doubtful that anyone who isn’t the POTUS’s son could get such a “retroactive” permit.

According to a ProPublica report:

The Mongolian government granted Trump Jr. a coveted and rare permit to slay the animal retroactively on Sept. 2, after he’d left the region following his trip. It’s unusual for permits to be issued after a hunter’s stay.

Trump Jr. shot his argali at night, using a rifle with a laser sight, the guides said. He stopped the local hunting guides from dismembering it at the kill site, instead instructing them to use an aluminum sheet to carry the carcass so as not to damage the fur and horns…

It’s unclear what happened to the argali trophy after Trump Jr. killed it. To import the fur and horns of the argali he killed, Trump Jr. would have had to apply for and be granted permission by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

After the hunt, Trump Jr. met with Mongolian President Khaltmaagiin Battulga, who must have been eager to accommodate him in the midst of meetings between his government and the Trump administration. So, it certainly appears that Junior received special treatment, as he is also getting in the United States because killing an argali is a violation of the Endangered Species Act.

Judging by the fact that Junior has not released a photo of himself with the argali as he usually would since he’s a narcissistic braggart like his father, even he knows what he did was wrong and won’t be tolerated by the public.

That’s clearly evident by reactions to the report on Twitter.

As usual, Trump Jr. should be ashamed of himself. This behavior is exactly the kind of abuse of power that his father is being impeached for right now. Clearly, Junior used the fact that his father is president to receive special favors from the Mongolian government after he illegally killed an endangered animal the Mongolian people consider sacred. They should be just as outraged at their government as we should be at ours.

Featured Image: Instagram