Proving yet again that he’s absolutely terrified of what’s facing him as he seeks a second term in office, the New York Times is reporting that President Donald Trump may refuse to participate in any of the debates for the 2020 election:

President Trump is discussing with his advisers the possibility of sitting out the general election debates in 2020 because of his misgivings about the commission that oversees them, according to two people familiar with the discussions.

Mr. Trump has told advisers that he does not trust the Commission on Presidential Debates, the nonprofit entity that sponsors the debates, the two people said.

If Trump does decide to pass on debating his Democratic rival, it could prove harmful to  his chances of reelection, according to Philippe Reines, a longtime Clinton adviser, who noted that, “Not doing any would not be strategically smart.” Reines predicted that “he’ll bluff that he won’t do any with the goal of only having to do one.”

Trump’s reluctance to debate can be traced back to 2016, when he claimed that debate moderators were unfair to him and favored Hillary Clinton:

Trump repeatedly complained about being at a disadvantage to Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee. And the post-debate polls showed Mr. Trump had good reason to be concerned: Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton were essentially tied in the polls going into the first debate, but she received a bump after each of the three face-to-face matchups.

A Gallup poll conducted after the third debate, for instance, found that 60 percent of viewers thought Ms. Clinton did a better job, while 31 percent chose Mr. Trump.

While Trump constantly tries to paint himself as being tough and unafraid of anyone or anything, his actions undercut such assertions. His constant whining on Twitter and attacks on anyone who dares to disagree with him would seem to suggest that he is insecure, vain, and shallow.

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