The Republican National Committee (RNC) thought it would be a good idea to try and defend President Donald Trump from impeachment by claiming that Ohioans were “sick and tired of the Democrats’ impeachment charade,” but the video they used support their specious assertion only succeeded in getting them mocked on social media.

Here’s the video:

The “STOP THE MADNESS” line is an especially nice touch of absurd hyperbole considering that if you count the people in the video, you’ll come to the number 12. Since some 11.6 million people live in the Buckeye State, a dozen isn’t exactly a groundswell.

Even local TV station WKNN’s coverage of the so-called “protest” noted that the gathering hadn’t drawn many attendees:

“And happening right now, a protest against impeachment. You’re looking live at Federal Street in downtown Youngstown, where demonstrators have gathered in front of Congressman Tim Ryan’s local office.

“We are told members of a group calling themselves Trump Victory are demanding Ohio Democrats in Congress, like Ryan, vote against impeachment, which these folks are calling a sham.

“There are about 12 people here right now. At one time there were closer to two dozen. The congressman has been saying all along, and reiterated for us this morning, his vote will be a yes when the articles for impeachment come up for a vote by the full House next week.”

Reaction to the RNC video was immediate and hilarious. Take a look:

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